Monday, July 9, 2007

Jaipur – The Pink City – Through my eyes

I hold a special place in my heart for this city and it is so because this is my home town! I have been born and brought up in Jaipur and believe me there could not have been a better place for my birth and upbringing which I could have chosen. This city is the capital of Rajasthan and no wonder it deserves to be!! Jaipur has more than 2000 villages and it is in the east of Rajasthan. This place has high temperatures and less of rains generally. Its temperatures generally range from as high as 48 degrees to as low as 23 degrees.

The city was the first which was planned in Rajasthan. Raja Sawai Jai Singh ruled this city and had made it with the thought that it would be victorious always hence, its name Jai (victory) + pur. Some also say that it was named after the Raja ‘ Jai’ singh. The city is called pink because it is made completely with Pink coloured stones. The city is divided into two parts - walled city (old city) and new city which is the newly developed part of the city after the governments came into place. The walled city is completely into Pink stone. It is encircled by pink walls and these walls have big gates. A few of them to name are – New Gate, Ajmeri Gate and Sanganeri Gate. There are many well known markets popularly called Tripolia Bazar, Nehru bazaar, Johri Bazaar and Bapu bazaar to name a few.

I would like you to visit my birth town through my eyes. Some key places you should not miss when you plan a visit to Jaipur are below. I have tried attaching the best of pictures which will help you decide which ones to visit first!!

Amber Palace: The palace is made for those eyes who love historical beauty or for architects who have the aesthetic sense to admire these old beauties. This palace is situated on the road of Delhi to Jaipur. It is a fusion of Mughal and hindu architecture. In the complex of Amber fort there are beautiful gardens with fountains. Another tourist attraction is the elephant ride within the complex.
People purchase ‘Prashaad’ from the shops outside the complex and then there is a series of stairs which one needs to climb (don’t worry it is lesser than Vaishnodeviji of course!!). When you look at the staircase they are too many in number but when you reach on the top, there is something worthy of all the sweat! It starts with the gardens in the left and a small lake on the right. Whenever it rains the place is full of water and boats glide on water with crowd cheering at the fishes in the water. People get flour for these fishes and kids enjoy playing with them. You can actually bend down with the flour and you see more than 100 fishes rushing to the treat! It is so amazing.

When you move forward after this boating and reach the Amber fort you need to check out while you walk. The elephants stop your way as they mightily walk down the squadral with people on their back. They are painted with vibrant colors and have a colourful back on top. You hear people cheering down to their known standing safely away as the elephant crosses with their loved ones on the top.

More to go on my next blog!!

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