Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pains of being a TENANT

Well, I really need to make an effort bringing myself to write this incident!! Life is tough for tenants until they buy their own places. At least it has been for me after this incident, I wonder how it is for all those couples who are working in Gurgaon and have come from different cities.

It all started from the fact that we had to change our current place since our landlord’s son is getting married. He was putting up in Australia till sometime back and now they are getting him married fast so that he stays in India. (Same old story…). Our landlord and his family are real good people very courteous and absolutely non – interfering which makes them one of the best. I and my hubby Prashant have really lived peacefully here for about 10 months now. All was going fine and then suddenly the marriage came up and we were looking for a nice place to shift. We did not get anything in Sector 14 even after long search through brokers too. We then started searching in Sector 23 and 23 A.

Our 1st sight of the house
A week back we went to a broker who showed us 3-4 houses on rent but we liked one and only – White Beauty. This was a big three floor building with ground, first and second floor. It is completely done in marble and appealed to us at the first instant. We went there in the evening and the broker told us that the landlord did not live here. He had another house nearby which was identical to this one but a lane away from this one. Coincidently, we met him here only so need not go to his own house. He was a Colonel and about 75 years old – he spoke like a lot and lot means TOO MUCH. He wouldn’t let anybody speak anything at all. Anyhow he had yet not shown us the house from inside – the 2nd floor was on rent. The broker went away and the landlord took us to his own house and showed us the second floor of that house. He said since both the houses were identical so anyone could be seen. Some one was still staying in the place which we were supposed to occupy and he did not want to offend them since he had good relations with them. He said he didn’t mind showing the original place on 29th when it would be vacated. He showed us the ground floor of both houses in order to convince us that both houses were identical. He said that it was 26 on that day and 29th and 30th the tenants would vacate the place after which we could see and shift whenever comfortable.

We did not have many options which were as nicely done so we agreed to pay him the security thinking that he and his wife were good people with reputed backgrounds and this was their only condition. We gave the security amount but I was firm on one point that once we entered into the actual place on 29th only then the deal would stand final. To this his wife agreed but said that the security would be payable now only since then they would not entertain any more requests. She was quite adamant so we thought that since the place is really nice so we could agree to this condition as such she promised to refund the security in case we did not like it on 29th. We had almost finalized the place and landlord told us to shift on 30th itself and that he would arrange for the old tenant’s to shift fast.

Our 2nd visit BUT to the actual house (DEVASTATING)
On 29th we tried calling the landlord to know whether the tenants had shifted or not and that we could come and see the place. We somehow could not get in touch on phone so we moved to the rented place. The couple was shifting and we introduced ourselves. (NOT KNOWING WHAT THE ACTUAL PLOT OF LANDLORD WAS!!!). They told us that they were paying 3k less than what landlord was charging us. We were SHOCKED. When we actually saw the second floor we were very disappointed. It was in a deplorable state and very shabby coz of the current shifting going on. I instantly refused to shift here and so did Prashant. That couple told us the actual story then…….. landlord gave them a short notice of shifting to the first floor below since his daughter and son-in-law were coming and forcibly asked them to vacate or pay 10k straight for 1st floor since it was bigger!!! They were helpless since their child was small and was going to a crèche just opposite to the house so they could not search house instantly and were forced to shift. The landlord suddenly raised the rent of the second floor and did not even show us the actual place since it was in a bad shape though it was built in the same fashion as the floor at his second house. They requested us not to tell the landlord that the couple had told us anything about the place. We promised them so and went to landlord’s house.

He received us warmly. We requested him to show us the place so that we could finalize on the place – whether to shift or to search for another. He sounded shocked and his wife doubted us for having searched another place. We denied doing so and they started interrogating all the more asking us whether we had seen the rent place without them. We denied even that. Finally we forced him to show it to us but he insisted on knowing why we did not get our luggage with us.

Finally it all ENDED!
They were behaving strangely but still they both took us to the rented house and introduced us to Pinky and her husband – the tenant couple. We pretended not to know each other. After seeing the place we got back to his house and sat down to discussion. We asked him to repaint the place before we had shift to which he point blankly refused and said that we were moving away from our requirement and goddamn promise. They both created a big scene and his wife indicated about not giving the security money back too. We were saved only on one statement that I had given on the first day saying that we would take the place only when we saw the actual place and in case it did not appeal to us then we would take our security back!!! I thank god for blessing me with this good thought on the first day. Imagine loosing 10k for nothing!! We sat for about 4 hours at their place and then got our security amount back. It was a nasty experience and we have decided never to make such a mistake again. The house was some 2919-P, Sector 23, Gurgaon as far as I remember. For all those searching a rented place in Gurgaon – never visit the place. We learnt a lot from such an experience and were shocked to see that even educated people from reputed segments like army etc behave like this!


Chander Sharma said...

Unfortunately I stayed in 2919-P for 1.5 years and had worst experience ever. The landlords are more than 75 years of age and for all these years they mastered the art of cleverness. They live for money and only money and poor services in return of rent. Shrewd,cunning,greedy,bad mouthed, irresponsible and cheap people. I had to take legal course to secure my security deposit. Now that I am leaving, I am just thinking who would be the next victim.
My 1.5 years story may run into pages. But I would say : "Donot ever take this house for rent"

Sachin said...

Unfortunately i am next victim. it's been 4 months i am living here and every day i consume at least 20 minutes to think why these land lord is behaving like this. and every time they come up with a new story..
there is a vacant space for parking but they are not allowing me to park my car, if by mistake myself or my friend park our car there then it's a big crime I have to explain this at least 20 times and at least 50-70 minutes required for this and at the end output i null....
I am living there I am not able to understand how to explain why i am living here,, how I am living here... when ever i faces them i feel myself mentally disturbed....