Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Favorite Tour: Trip to Tirthan Valley - 2

We had now reached close to the place with roads narrowing down to little stony lanes.Stony Lanes in Tirthan Valley
We crossed a little bridge built on the water body, the depth of which could only be measured in dreams. I had not even dreamt of anything of such kind. All of us were from varied areas of India, some had seen deep waters, some had seen waterfalls and mountains but how could one describe what I was witnessing that moment. Though we had to hurry to reach our Stay Spot, we could not resist stopping for a minute and all went beyond the practicality– thinking how small would be a minute to just stop there and then take a look below, then a little farther, slowly gazing up the altitude and then swallowing nothing once. Such was the feeling at that moment. It took time – the playful view of waves gushing here and there and the sound of those strong waves made us want for more! I sat at the pedestrian and took a picture. Have a look:The 'A' Look
We climbed back into our cars and moved on to see the entrance of the Trout House ahead. It was a long journey. This place had small cottages and we had booked four cottages and were looking forward to simply go and lie down like wooden logs. We were hell tired. Stones were used for making the small uneven staircase which lead to a covered clearing surrounded by trees.Dinning Hall in Trout House, Tirthan Valley-1 Dinning Hall in Trout House, Tirthan Valley-2
We were hungry and the cool atmosphere made us hungrier than ever. It was time for an early dinner. Dinner was laid on a small and again uneven platform and both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes were served. Though the food did not seem very interesting in the first go but since we all were very hungry, we simply gobbled down most of it and also overate a little tastefully. After this we realized the wall adjacent to the platform was done very artistically by the female among the couple who owned the place. The entire place was lit by candles and small bulbs. Artistic Work on Dinning Hall Wall, Tirthan Valley
The host group comprised of a couple (a unique one) with their small baby boy (very cute and chubby) along with two cooks and a few caretakers. The owner showed us into our cottages. Our cottage was facing that of the other couple. Our Cottage in Trout House, Tirthan Valley
We rushed in. There was no electricity or no other sound. We could hear water flowing through the narrow natural mountain cracks. For the first time this sound of flowing, trickling and splashing water seemed music-same as the poets describe in their musical collection of words which is thrown on a piece of paper and in moments – which is being played on guitars. With the reference of Guitar, I recollect that the owner had promised to play guitar (he knew well) the next night. How romantic, isn’t it? We were all looking forward to it.
We were all soon fast asleep. The natural aura was so relaxing that 6 hours seemed more than enough to sleep and we woke up like fresh daisies ready to bloom around into the watery terrains. I realized with the first sunlight streak that the cottage rooms were done really well. They were decorated creatively and had small but many windows to see the greens around. I woke up from the bed and first thing I did was looking outside the window. I saw another creative artwork done with stones, mud, broken glasses and plants. I felt like complementing the owner for her innovative artwork though I am not sure if other liked it.
Another Creativity by Owners of Trout House, Tirthan Valley
Another bedside window showed small cherry shrubs which seemed so hilly. I had not seen red cherries’ shrubs and went close to them as we go ready and went out to have breakfast in the same clearing which was our dining cum lobby clearing. Cherry Plant Outside Cottage Window, Tirthan Valley
As I stepped out of the cottage, towards my left was a stony trail which went into greens.
Stony Trail Into Greens, Cottage, Tirthan Valley
The instant thought was to quench my curiosity which had its solution at the end of the trail into the trees but I preferred to have breakfast first! We had a nice and quite heavy breakfast of aloo-gobhi-onion and paneer paranthas. Wow is the taste I recollect!
We planned to go to the riverside which was stormy, splashy, shiny and inviting us to bathe. Since we were almost at the top of the mountain, the river probably started somewhere close to it and carried big and small pieces of rocks so the river bed and shore were extremely rocky. It was tough to walk bare feet. All of us were dying to play with water and all suddenly grew childish and play full. It was great fun and the water was chilled. Feet felt like numb but it was a pure feeling. No one could try bathing since the water was cold but all of us played with water, clicked pictures for long hours. At times we used to dread falling ill but Mother Nature was quite liberal and all went fine.
The First Look at the River, Tirthan Valley
Clouds hung from above with baskets full of water, drizzling began. Reluctantly we planned to rush back to the cottage. It started raining heavily and all day and night it rained.
Now came the real attraction of this place..I told you that I would reveal it later. Here is the secret disclosed..This place is famous for fishing and specifically ‘Trout’ fishing. Trout is a breed of fish which is found in the waters of these areas. The owner of this house was a top-shot fisherman and knew a lot in detail about fishing. He opened before us his vast knowledge about fishing and showed us how he used to make a ‘fly’ for fish..I think fly is what the trapping article was called. It sure required art, patience and knowledge of fishery. The picture below is a collection of feathers, shiny threads and metal hooks which were used to make a fly which varied in terms of size, shape, colour.
Tools of Trout Fishing, Tirthan Valley
This fly was given a look of an insect which trouts / other fishes ate so that when the fly was casted, fishes would take it as a normal insect of their routine diet and ate it, get caught. There were trout farms somewhere close.
There were special plans made by our hosts to serve us Fishes for dinner. We chatted for long and enjoyed each other’s company, had lunch and it was by evening that the clouds decided to rest. We now thought of moving around and felt like absorbing as much as eyes could make it – the clouds, waters, woods, small bridges knitted together with green leaves and making it a ‘Picture Perfect’. We also planned to visit Trout Farm to get fishes for dinner.
On way to Trout Farm..
Bowl of Mountains Filled With Water,Tirthan Valley
Road adjacent to our Cottage..
Clouds on Their Way to Heaven,Tirthan Valley

While driving..
While driving..A Modern Art Look,Tirthan Valley

On our way back to cottage when night had engulfed the fascinating waterfall..
Night engulfing the Fascinating Waterfall,Tirthan Valley
Some more….here and there..
A Dream Painting Come True,Tirthan Valley
The Magic Touch,Tirthan Valley
Beautiful Mountains,Tirthan Valley
Ajay and Tusharika among Greens, Tirthan Valley
Snowy Cactus,Tirthan Valley
Snow - SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL,Tirthan Valley


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