Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Favorite Tour: Trip to Tirthan Valley

I have visited a couple of places in recent past and would surely like to share my thrilling experience of the trip to Tirthan Valley. I am flooding with the memories of numerous and varied feelings which came up - the fun, the enthusiasm, elation and awe which was put forth by nature in one of the most beautiful way. Let me tell you where it is…The Tirthan Valley is in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. Located within the Great Himalayan National Park, the roadie way is sure long but worth it so do set aside some free time for it! We travelled from Delhi to Himachal Pradesh. The makhmal-si-roads (as one of my friends says) unfolded like a graceful carpet around the river as we moved on in full zeal with our face swirling around to catch every bit of the beautiful nature and noticing the small names like Chalogi, Mungla, Nagini, Ghushaini……And do you love eating during journeys..oh I love eating loads and loads..and we had driven for quite some time and slowly realized that we felt like sitting and having something amidst the natural flora and fauna. We were three couples and two bachelors having fun and side by side keeping a look out. We soon found a food-joint along the road and planned to take a small hault. Guys moved on to have a fag and we moved found a place to relax until the food was laid. Have a look at our hang out, haha..

After spending sometime here and relaxing, we were all charged up to move on. I never felt so close to nature..and I am basically a lover of clouds – mountains – the Evergreens..tall and proud! The beautiful time of November was apt for this and I love clicking pictures. For the moments when the raw nature leaves me speechless for its beauty-descriptions, I always take help of these clicked pics to share and express my treasured moments. Do have a look below at the breathtaking scenic views as we moved to the roads around the foothillsThe road was calm, the tree leaves reflected the small streaks of sunlight escaping through them..and the road wound up into a delicate curl between two mountain ranges and we suddenly had a blanket of moist, wavy cover of dark grey clouds which hung over us – same like when the royal guests are ushered in under big-graceful umbrellas to the royal castle..here being mother nature which welcomed us with open arms of these two ranges..it felt like nature understood the tiresome and exhausting life in the bustling cities. It caressed us with a mild drizzle and we put our hands outside the windows of the moving cars..i gently took out my cell to take a picture ..the drizzling feel on the camera lens and a beautiful picture was drawn..

Then came a broad road with the first streak of a waterfall..

The mountains had something more beautiful in store..Have a look…

Woh kehte hain ki sham dhalne ko hai to ghar ki taraf rukh ho..so with the clouds making it into an early evening, we had to start rushing to reach the key place where we planned to stay. That is a surprise..so read on!


Rohit Tripathi said...
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Rohit Tripathi said...

beautiful pictures, will wait for your next post.

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."