Friday, March 28, 2008


At times I feel that the name of my blog ‘memorable moments’ will only indicate or so would be the perception of others or maybe only I feel so..those moments which are good to hear..I have not written many blogs yet but an ironical situation would so soon come before me, is something I never expected! I am not sure how verbose can I be in describing my state of heart and mind but still here it is for I really wish to open my heart out..

Yesterday was an ironical day. During the first half I came know of a marriage been fixed – two people got engaged..two nice people who are both worth the admiration..lot of it. It had been a pleasant surprise to hear about the engagement and I was really happy. I came back with sweets offered by them in my hands and full of happiness. It was about mid of day.

Orkut is a good community for social networking at least it links people and we come to know of things good and bad…I had scrapped a school-time friend on orkut asking how she was doing and that I was so happy to find her on orkut. I congratulated her about her sweet little baby whom I saw in the pictures uploaded. How much did I know..I was talking to a soul and not a ..

Another batchmate pinged me on chat as soon as I came back with the sweets of the engaged couple. We talked after almost 15 years..we were friends in 6th standard in school as much as I remember. I was filled with excitement when she sent a ‘Hi’. The next line said..”Appie is no more..”. She expired last Tuesday. I was shocked, speechless, didn’t know what to speak..Appie – the same friend whom I thought I had traced on orkut and had sent a message of congratulations for a little baby. It was as though the world has spun around and I felt lost. The smiles of engagement happiness faded with a jolt and my mind was trying to ask a myriad questions..what, how, sudden..and see the irony of the same day when in morning after getting the news of the engagement, I felt a myriad questions coming to my mind..what, how, sudden.

The irony was that the questions were same but the answers were so ghastly different. And the wish from my heart at the end of the day was ‘God Bless Them.’

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