Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Such is the scenario today that humanity is nowhere to be seen..even if it remains then it gets stuck between laws and regulations of the country…how do I say that?? Please read the article on this link and you will definitely be left aghast after reading the deplorable condition – of ?? Of should I say the poor little 19 year old – call centre employee who worked for Agies or of the police department who were fighting on such a trivial issue – trivial as against the life of the young fellow who – poora thing – was hung like a calendar on the sharp railings of a road divider! Horrifying is it? Oh how saddening and shocking. This young lad – how much did he know that he would have such a fate – such a dread full – who is responsible..this young guy or the one who hit him and ran away leaving the guy on the verge of death – hung on the railing with an arrow of the railing passing into his stomach – tearing him apart. I am feeling so sad since the moment I heard this. Again who is responsible..should we blame the police for witnessing and ignoring this fate of the young lad and continuing to fight for disowning the case and not letting it file in their region, even if the person died on the spot, how could they simply see a dead body hung in such a bad shape for more than 2 hours – or should be blamed - the people who witnessed it live – who were such cowards not to have helped the poor guy – but could they do much. Could they do much with the law made by man – be it any country – where people would be behind the bars for fiddling with the evidence by taking the poor young guy out of the railing – oh – how unfortunate – I feel deeply for the guy who had not seen much in life – hardly anything – his youth had just begun and his beautiful days – career – family would have then started – if only he had lived..My heart full condolences to him. May his soul rest in peace..i know there are several other cases happening each instant somewhere around the world but each one is as disheartening. To all I say – May Good Luck and Happy Life be with you always. Drive Safe.

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