Monday, May 12, 2008

Old Song - Din Dhal Jaaye: Touching Song By Mohd. Rafi

One of those lovely and melodious songs sung by Rafi Sahab is ‘Din Dhal Jaaye,Haye Raat Na Jaaye’ from the movie Guide. For those who love it, please have the lyrics below..It is a touching song with beautifully framed thoughts and shows a recollection of the loving moments which are past and are missed. Love makes people sit breathless and think about lovely times. Day dreaming is one thing which is true for all who fall in love waiting and wishing if their loved one could be with them at that moment. Love is the most sacred feeling where there are sleepless nights coloured with passionate wishful thoughts..all so unrealistic. Coincidences are such a big part of how God brings two people could be happened with one of my friends. She ran into her ‘future love’ when he traced her among I think about a thousand people!! As she explains it was such a bliss full moment when she had gone for a festival celebration and suddenly she saw him. Both had talked to each other on phone about how they would celebrate but little did they know that after a few hours there would be a small coincidence– such a beautiful one. Love spreads naturally – I guess its allergic but I am crazy about seeing people slowly meet each other and in a look or couple of small meetings..falling in love with each other. I remember my little ones and love remembering them repeatedly..

Din Dhal Jaaye, Haye Raat Na Jaaye
Tu To Na Aaye Teri Yaad Sataaye

Pyaar Mein Jinke Sab Jag Chhodha
Aur Huye Badnaam
Unke Hi Haathon Haal Hua Yeh
Baithe Hai Dil Ko Tham
Apne Kabhi The Ab Hain Paraaye
Din Dhal...

Aisi hi Rimjhim Aisi Phuhaaren
Aisi Hi Thi Barsaat
Khud Se Judaa Aur Jug Se Paraaye
Hum Dono The Saath
Phir Se Woh Saawan Ab Kyon Na Aaye
Din Dhal...

Dil Ke Mere, Pass Ho Kitne
Phir Bhi Ho Kitni Door
Tum Mujhse Mai Dil Se Pareshaan
Dono Hain Majboor
Aise Mein Kisko Kaun Manaaye
Din Dhal…


Rohit Tripathi said...

one simple word for this " beautiful" :-)


really wonderfull songs.......