Monday, May 5, 2008

A Poem on Me..

I write a little..but then little did I think that someone would ever write about of my friends’ father is a great poet and this time when I went to see her, Uncle came up with this little poem for me as always but ‘about me’ is what was a pleasant surprise. Nothing much to read on..

Her mother’s yesterday’s child smile
Often quiet father’s quiet pride
Lyrical white lily posture in fragile frame
Moving something, saying wide
Yes, Bengali eyes.
I want to take this perfect picture
In poetic diction
For carrying home
To earn a sumptuous smile
From her parents
Even though for a while.

New Delhi
May 6, 2008

By M. Hasan

1 comment:

Taru said...

a very nice poem..with true features of urs misha..:)