Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tibet – A disheartening Issue: Save Tibet!

Though I would have discussed this in my next blog and you came to know where and when was the origin of these thoughts. I am quite away from politics and moreover, I am hardly aware of happenings around the world. I visited the monastery in Maclodganj. I think it is one of the true holy places I have been to and which have touched my heart so deeply. As I write this blog even..I have pasted the picture of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama – this is the way I have learnt to refer him through people who know him and his holy deeds and belong to different walks of life. I look into his face and it’s tough to express in words the extent of sacredness I see in his face, such wisdom which emanates from his forehead – it is hard to miss. I am just eager to know him in person, his nature, his actual feelings embedded in his heart and mind, the logics he works on, his driving force (I am sure it must be Lord Buddha) and whatever he is made of. I think I want to know him as a common man first. Inquisitiveness fills my heart as I think about him.

Tibet has a rich cultural heritage and I read somewhere that it once had its own flag and rules and regulations. I can base all my thoughts on the base of a few articles which I read on internet as I told you that I not so deeply aware of the general awareness highlights. On the basis of what I read, I feel China has been really unkind to the people of Tibet. Why do countries ever need to conquer other small countries – simply to increase their size, population base and prosperity? There is absolutely no human concern and China is such a communist country. By saying this with China, it might sound abusive but isn’t it true. I visited a museum which displayed pictures of times when Tibet was happy and how slowly the bad times started. The museum also played a television which showed a few excerpts of how China police had actually caught and thrown them behind the bars. How mercilessly had Chinese police beaten a Tibetian was evident from a set of clothes worn by him and displayed by this museum. I could neither take my eyes off the displayed items nor could my eyes leave them and look away. My heart feels deep pain as I write about the blood spots turned blackish from red over this period of time. They had shown a shirt, a pair of parallels and two strips of cloth which were used by prisoners to tie them around their legs so that the brutally tied chains did not hurt their legs. How cruel can the Chinese be to abduct the Panchen Lama, Gendun Choekyi Nyima who has been detained by the Chinese since 1996? I walked around the entire museum with a heavy heart witnessing the Tibetians being tortured and harassed and my heart felt like actually sharing the pain out with someone close. Much did the big maroon-coloured notebook actually do which was put on a distant table with a pen. I went close to it and blindly and hastily started pouring my deep-felt wishes for saving Tibet. With such precious and rare cultural heritage Tibet sure would shine one day. Similar to India which was once under the rule of Britishers, Tibet would soon be free – I then let my lips slowly move and join the voice of millions to say – SAVE TIBET – Save humanity.

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