Tuesday, June 3, 2008

IPL: Mohd Asif in Dubai Custody for Drugs Issue

I was wondering how such a good show of IPL passed without a controversy and here it is.. Mohd Asif who played for the Delhi Daredevils in BCCI's Indian Premier League has been taken into custody since he was found carrying drugs with him. He was taken into custody by the Dubai airport while he was travelling back to Pakistan. As per the news this was found with 48 hours of the end of IPL final. Something so noval had come up as a good opportunity for all the players from multiple countries who had come to participate and play jointly for a team. Such controversies actually spoil the good memories all would have carried after IPL. I hope in the first place that the charges are not true and if they are then it would really be unfortunate for his country. Moreover, after being through such a time earlier too it is more likely for others to suspect him this time too. I believe when talented people move out of their countries crossing boundaries, they are not mere individuals - they are the ones who carry the respect and impression of their countries on their shoulders. Hope with time and in the forthcoming IPL series such things fade away and matches are played using the actual caliber. The right spirit to play a sport should never be lost.

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