Friday, October 17, 2008


Karvachauth - Memorable Moments
After marriage it is my third karvachauth. Being a girl from Rajasthan, I am very close to colours, festivals, mehndi and traditions. Especially, the little that I can cook for my loved one makes me feel very happy on this day. Mehndi and moon being two important parts of this festival have a attribute in common. Both are associated to aesthetics. Mehndi is such a delicate art form which has been followed as a very sacred custom. There are different ways in which Indian females apply mehndi on each other’s hands.

1. Using matchsticks
2. Using thumb and one finger by making a thin wire – like form out of wet mehndi and applying it on hands
3. Using plastic cones

The most prevalent one these days is using plastic cones.
Nothing more beautiful can be said about moon than the number of songs which talk about the beauty and feelings spun around moon.
Happy Karchauth to all. May your wishes this Karvachauth be fulfilled soon.


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful Mehndi ... and nice nails too.

bhoothnath said...

ऐसा ही होता है.......हा..हा..हा..हा..हा..यही तो जिन्दगी है.......है ना..........!!