Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Momentary yet Deep thought

While coming to the office this morning, my car stopped at the red light and as usual the street vendors came rushing to my car window and starting peeping in, showing their items for sale. Books, pens, magazines, old novels and many more little things. Most of the people selling these are small kids and most of the beggars are also small kids. One of the elder kids came to me with books in hand, I got attracted to a book too and then in a split second looked away from him showing no interest in buying it. But one of my glances was enough..enough for him to make a pleading request of buying it and giving a million reasons full of pity.

My eyes suddenly catch hold of a small child's pleading looks holding a Ganeshji's idol in his hand..and a momentary yet deep thought pulls me deep down the waters. In a normal well-to-do family would have been playing around with toys / riding a bicycle..did this child ever feel what childhood was? He grew up so soon and simply skipped the fond feelings we carry of our childhood days..the days full of fun, laughter, toys n dolls..the summery escapades into the trees, the platefull of brunch and mother's worry of us being hungry. I wish god makes earth so prosperous that the basic necessities of life are in abundance. If competition be an indespensible initiator of growth in the universe then let competition be for things like studies, looks and wealth but not on the basic needs like food, clothes and a roof above.

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