Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Memorable Moment: A Loving Instance

Memorable Moment: A Loving Instance
While I was talking my heart out to a close friend yesterday, I remembered many fond memories of the past. One is so sweet that I really like sharing. One day I visited my cousin and we were taking a walk in the lane. We saw one of her neighbor’s kid crying and his mother was scolding him like anything. My cousin told me that this was a regular feature but I – emotional as always – grew worried. I went over to speak to him, asked him name and gently put my hand over his face. He seemed such a lovely face or so it seemed to me – innocent and crazy :). He kept crying when I first talked to him but then stopped a little and started listening to what I was saying. I tried to be as gentle with him and asked him to shrug his (silly) demands from his mother and tried to draw his attention to other things. I think I chatted with him a little while my cousin kept exchanging words with his mother and then we moved on. I am not sure when did I meet him again. This was long time back say more than 10 years back.

Time passed, I grew up, started working, got married and it was time when my cousin – two years younger to me was about to get married. I went to attend her wedding and then my cousin’s younger sister called me saying someone wanted to meet me like anything. As I walked with her I kept wondering who could it be but could make no guesses. Then I saw him, he had grown up and was in X or XI by then looking mature than what he was when we met. He had not changed and seemed naughty as ever. As he looked at me, he smiled gently. I recognized him instantly and asked him how he was doing and gave him a warm hug. His mother was also present and she told me that he wanted to meet me so much. I was glad that he remembered me so much after such a long gap of 10 years.

His Mom told me that he kept questioning everyone if I had married? When he got a chance to speak, his first statement was “आपने तो कहा था कि मुझसे शादी करोगी, आपने तो शादी कर ली?!”. I was left speechless and then suddenly burst out into laughter. He said it so cutely and blushed a little and then started laughing too. I then remembered faintly that once he constantly asked me if I would marry him and I had jovially said a yes. He was just 8 or 9 years old then as much as I remember and I had cleared school and definitely thought of myself as being a lot elder to him and took it all as fun!! I blushed lightly as he said and laughed aloud alongwith all elders standing with us in the group :):):). I was amazed at the footprint I must have left over his thoughts in that young an age and felt really happy about someone valuing me a lot.

He insisted on meeting my husband and I called him to meet this crazy child. I felt lovingly funny to introduce him to my husband and I said teasingly ‘Meet my ex-boyfriend of childhood, I left such a loving and caring person to marry you’. Even he burst out in laughter and all joining us in the conversation also laughed aloud.
So touching kiddish act from a child.. His mothers used to say that he only listened to me, did what I mentioned even once and inquire about me often.

Love can happen anywhere, for anyone, any number of times and in varied meanings in life. Love is the most sacred feeling on earth. I am so touched with this memorable moment.

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........... ki yun hota to kyaa hotaa....??
.....dair nahin...haram nahin...dar nahin...aastaan nahin.. ..baithe hain rah-gujar pe ham....koi hamen uthaaye kyun....!!