Monday, January 12, 2009

Delhi NCR Tourist Spot for Weekend: Surajkund

For the slow ones like me living in Delhi NCR and yet not been able to figure out places to spend weekends, there are a few nice ones where I have been to. One of them is Surajkund.
Location: Faridabad
Must visit on: 23rd Surajkund Crafts Mela, 1-15th February, 2009
Hotspots: Design Galleries of famous designers of the likes of Ritu Beri, CC Day in the natural ambience of a multitude of trees, Circular Clearance
Access: Surajkund has good routes and lies 8kms from South Delhi. For more details, please refer to

Surajkund is a must visit place especially for people who love greenery and solace like me.

Circular Clearance: The major attraction there was the main surajkund which was unfortunately dry because of less rain when I visited it (about a month back i.e. around December’08). It looks like an old amphitheatre. I think winters are the best time when you can visit it since it is an open place with loads of greenery. The light winters with mild sunlight are a tempting combination of weather to visit the place and sit at its lovely hangouts with your family and friends. The main kund is a vast circular clearance like a deep bowl made of stones and has several stairs running from top to the bottom. Not only because of its historical importance but the place is also admirable in terms of the symmetry and architecture. Couples have a nice time sitting together, families and children have also been enjoying their visits on the kund.

Designer Galleries: The one who has planned the whole tourist place is indeed close to creativity. The place has a separate space and shops. These are Designer Galleries of the well known designers like Ritu Beri and Ritu Agnihotri. These galleries have designer cushions and cushion covers, decorative pieces, bedsheets, kurtas for males and females, lovely colourful – sleek and simple bangles, anklets and much more.

Café Coffee Day: CC Day has chosen a really beautiful place to setup its outlet amongst the trees. Except the seating capacity inside, they also have umbrellas outside and its like sitting only and only among the greens!! I loved my visit while having a cup of coffee and the warm muffin in the slight wintery evening. Being very close to nature, it was a unique and different experience and was really enjoyable.

Huts for Stay: The place also offers stay for multiple days with nice, creative looking huts. I am sure they are cosy as well!
The preparation of the Craft Mela had begun in December and I must say I am really looking forward to visit it during that time!

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