Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ray of Hope

An ironical situation came up today
Some words of love came up odd way
Aghast she was to hear them from him
The chances of which were bleak and dim
From one who never knew their meaning
She expressed her disbelief on the wording

Hearing such words for the second time
Indicates influence of her love over time
The very first time when she heard them
They touched her heart and joined their rhythm
To her declination, a few sentences followed as an extension
She doubted if the words were for some other reason

She has changed a lot and lowered her expectations
It was tough but she controlled her emotions
Now that the feeling of togetherness is completely forgotten
This change in his behavior comes as a revolution
If it is for a temporary duration
Then god please don’t give happiness for d-u-r-a-t-i-o-n

She has learnt to live a life of seclusion
Doesn’t show from face but her true self is towards reclusion
Still she is happy life has taken a turn
Forthcoming days will be a revelation
Some untouched pearls might surface
And give her life a loving interface his heart.

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