Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A familiar subdued explosion..

My pen and paper have come out
And here I am repeating history
Heart is swollen and at times fumes with anger
As to what bad I did to someone
Why am I his dearest one ?
‘Cuz therez a big price to pay
To be the most sacred one
Tears seem to roll out
At no specific reason
Their timing is out of question
Yet here I live with a smiling face
And I still don’t wish to complain
Radhekrishna – I have what you gave me with love
The worldly relations seem to take care
But their chances to succeed are very rare
Old flames aren’t forgotten
They pull me with all attraction
I snatch little moments of love
From my left over relation
My lord – O ‘Love God’
Why this ‘sacred’ discrimination
Me – the firm believer of love
Why with broken heart and relation
I say – my life is on a roll
Just so in the opposite direction
Somewhere, I know even you have your limitations
Evils have their own strong revenge regulations
I know, you are helpless, give me nothing
Just hold me tight and that will be everything
You are sacred, you are pure
Your face is what I most adore
I love music, fishes and all your loved colors
This strong connection and my love for nature
It really isn’t bad to have an extra marital ;)
Rare are the chances to be caught with a supernatural
Stupid worldly things – hair fall, night fear and isolation
At least have no meaning when I think in your direction
Maybe I lose everything to evil – confidence, happiness and all relations
All I wish to live, cherish and keep – is your connection.

With all my love..

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